Practices and Games

  1. You are only authorized to practice during YOUR Team’s scheduled time.  Do not show up to practice with any other team without prior approval from the coach who is running practice.
  2. Be on time – no excuses
  3. Come Prepared – all equipment and ready to go
  4. Have a good attitude – be coachable and eager to learn
  5. Get better each day – mentally and physically
  6. Be a good teammate – be accountable for your actions. Think TEAM before I.
  7. Communicate with coaches when late or no show before practice and regarding injuries.
  8. When coaches are talking, eyes on speaker.
  9. Take pride in everything you do, 100% effort at all times.
  10. Walk into every game together as a team, and leave every game together as a team.
  11. Pick up all trash before anyone leaves the dugouts and the NC Valley facility.
  12. Equipment will always be stored in dugouts (under benches or in corners) and facility (in storage room or personal items against wall or outside) in an organized manner.


                                   DRESS CODE                                        

Baseball hat

Baseball pants and belts

Baseball socks – NO ankle socks or white socks

Baseball shirt – tucked in, proper for baseball. NO cut off sleeves.

Baseball shoes, bring BOTH cleats and athletic shoes that can be tied tight.

Shorts, you EARN the right to wear them when you workout!



If you have any questions or problems please contact the coaching staff as soon as possible.