Location Valley Facility
5277 Jerusalem Ct
Modesto CA 95356
Cost: $400 
This is for High School players only. Junior High players must get management approval from management.
• Injury Prevention
• Consistent/ Constant Maintenance on Arm and Body
• Educate for full body fluency to throw hard. Educate before and after throwing/workout maintenance for body and arm care.
Functional Warm up, tubing exercises, weighted ball training
• Program uses max effort efficiency and under loads.
o Train body to be explosive and move faster(w/ efficiency and fluency)
Build a foundation for the mindset to work faster to throw harder. You can teach exercises and train the body all day, without a mindset or knowledge, velocity and class will not develop into usable tools on the baseball field.
Arm Care Efficiency
o Proper Posture
o Breathe
o All around maintenance for shoulder and elbow.
o Pre and Post workout/ throwing routines.
o Combine Flexibility(Range of motion) w/ strength and conditioning
o Maintain proper flexibility and action in upper(shoulder and throwing muscles) and lower half(hips and legs)
o Smart exercises- Routine and when to use different exercises
Learn To:
o Throw harder
o Throw safer
o Educate for full body understanding of how body, muscles and mindset to throw hard. When to gear up and push workouts to more intensity. When to gear down and listen to your body for rest and recovery.
o Durability
o Understand recovery process