We put our players in front of more recruiters and have better relationships with colleges than any program in the Valley! If your goal is to play college baseballwhy would you play anywhere else?

2017 Graduates

Jimmy McClenaghan to Univ Nebraska

Damon Treadwell to UOP

2016 Graduates

Dylan Carlson to CS Fullerton

Alex Zalasky to Concordia Universoity Irvine

Jack Large to CS Stanislaus

2015 Graduates

Micah Hall to CSU Stanislaus

Ty Madrigal to St Marys

Nick Madrigal to Oregon St.

Derek Molina to CS Northridge

Raul Rizzo to UOP

Steven Kwan to Oregon St.

Ripken Reyes to Cal

Cade Peters to Air Force

Oliver Dunn to Seattle Univ.

2014 Graduates

Brett Cumberland to Cal

Jake Atkinson to Utah Valley

Bryce Dyrda to USC

Dakota Spillers to Azusa Pacific

2013 Graduates

Jordan Kron to UC Riverside

Dempsey Grover to UC Santa Barbara

Nick Voumard to CSU Stanislaus

Zack Aukes to University of Oregon

Robert Daugherty to University of Washington

Daulton Jefferies  to Cal

Dom Nunez  to UCLA

Joey Caffese  to Hawaii

Dakota Edwards to Univ. Bridgeport

Cameron Irinaga to CSU Stanislaus

Chris Senn to CSU Stanislaus

Nick Ippolito to CSU Stanislaus

Erickson Dickens to CSU Stanislaus

Matt Palazzo to CSU Stanislaus

2012 Graduates

Kody Simons  to Merced College

Josh Miguel  to Merced College

Kert Woods ) to Santa Clara

Charlie Gaff  to Pacific University

AJ Derr  to Point Loma University

Ryan Cumberland  to Merced College

Kevin Bettencourt  to Pacific University

Andy Morris  to Cabrillo College

Chris Flexen  to Arizona State

(signed w/ NY Mets)

Troy Rallings. ) to University of Washington